Monday, 20 November 2017

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IALT: Throw a Shot Put ball properly

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Today at school Kelly took us down to the field for our lesson with Coach Allen. When we got down there we started of by playing Dodgeball as a warm up game but we played it with different rules. This time instead of being out for the whole game we started off with swapping to the other team. After a few minutes Coach Allen told us that the game was going to become elimination. I enjoyed the game but the only problem was the ball was a bit to soft and when you threw the ball it curved away from your target. 

Then we got into groups of 3 and got another ball and started throwing it like a Shot Put ball to each other. One tip that Coach Allen gave us was to keep the ball in front of our ear, Keep your toes facing the same direction as your hand you're throwing with, Rotating your body to make the ball move from back to front and to release. 

Then we got a smaller Ball filled with sand that was around the same shape as a Shot Put ball. When we all got a ball we stood in a line and all threw at the same time. My ball got quite far but I thing that I still need a little bit more practice. One thing I found quite challenging was trying to not throw the ball like a normal ball and to keep it in front of my ear. I think my next steps are to get more practice and to keep the ball in front of my ear.

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