Monday, 16 April 2018

🦍 Rampage 🦍

Konichiwa and greetings to you all.

Welcome back to my blog and today I will be blogging about a movie that I saw on saturday which was Rampage. I got to watch this movie in town with my Auntie Losi, sister Tee, cousin Analese, cousin Nicholas and a family friend Tevita. Since Tevita was knew to New Zealand we decided to go for a train ride since there isn't any trains in Fiji and it was his first time going into Auckland city.  While in the city we had the opportunity to go and play at the Game On arcade and we all got $20 dollars each. After we had played some games we went to cinema 1 and sat down. When I got into the cinema I was wondering what the movie would be about because I had no idea what the movie would be about. When the movie started I really didn't understand it but as it progressed on it made more sense. There were a lot of twists and turns to this movie which made it even more interesting and I didn't see some parts coming. One of my favorite parts was when George ( The Gorilla) starts saying that he saved the rock and they start arguing. I think that this is a great movie to watch if your into animals and action. One thing that I really enjoyed while I was in the city was playing the Dancing Game at the arcade. I really enjoyed playing the game because I have always watched them play and wanted to try. In conclusion I think that you should watch the movie and play at the Game on arcade because you will laugh a lot and have fun winning tickets.

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Monday, 2 April 2018

🎥 Movies in the Park 🎥

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Malo e lelei and Greetings to you all.

Welcome back to my blog and I hope that you all have enjoyed your easter. Today I am going to be making a reflection about the Movies in the park that I went to on Saturday. On the 31st of March the movie Coco was going to be played at Point England Reserve. I was really excited because I have never been to a Movie in the Park in my whole life and I hadn't seen the movie. I was also excited because I got to go with my sister Meliame and my Mum and we didn't struggle getting a parking because we could park at Meliame's friends house. I think that Coco is a good movie to watch with your family and friends because it's a movie that will make you laugh. One thing that I really enjoyed about the movie is the part around the end when Miguel sings Remember me to is Mama Coco. Another part that I enjoyed was the part when De la cruz walks back out to the crowd and Tomatoes get thrown at him, and then the crowd calls him a murderer and yells Boo. One thing that I didn't enjoy was the weather because it was raining when we got there and my feet and slides were wet and grassy. In conclusion I think that if you want to watch this movie you are making a great move because I guarantee that you would love this movie.

IALT: Reflect on the movie Coco

Friday, 30 March 2018

⛳ Jk's World of Golf ⛳

Kia Ora and greetings to you all.

Welcome back to my blog and today I will be talking about what I did at Jk's World of Golf ( Driving Range) at the Airport. Since I am in the youth in church, every thursday we have something we call Mutual. At Mutual we go and do some activities that relate to what we are learning at church. We get split up from boys and girls and we go into our age groups. From 12-13 you're a Beehive, from 14-15 you're a Mia Maid and from 16-17 you're a Laurel. I am in the class of Beehive and the people that showed up for Mutual in my class was Aja and Nita. Since Nita was turing 14 she is moving up to Mia maids and this was our last activity together. We didn't go to the driving range to just hit the ball by it's self. Our task was to write down bad distractions or habits that we have that stops us from being closer to our heavenly father. I really enjoyed this activity because it felt like things were getting lifted off my shoulders. I also enjoyed this activity because we had a lot of fun together and it was my first time going to the driving range. My favourite thing that we did was the dizzy bat challenge and the aim was to hit the ball the furtherest but, after spinning around 10 times. One thing that I need to work on is making sure that I try to keep the things that I hit away, far away from me so I can be closer to Heavenly Father. Thank you for reading my blog post and comment down below if there is any mistakes or what is the furthest you have hit a golf ball.

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

🎵 Band Practice 🎵

Bula Vinaka and Greetings to you all.

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Welcome back to my blog and I will be talking about Band practice that we had in the last block of school. After we had taken the roll Me, Akanesi, Edith, Stepheny, Hevani, Tevita and Amon ( Band members) walked down to the Music room to practice our new song. We had a choice of playing Meant to be by Bebe Rexha or Thunder by the Imagine Dragons. Since we needed to change up some of the lyrics in Meant to be Caleb ( Our Music Teacher ) said it would be easier to play Thunder. I was excited to play that song because it's very catchy and I really enjoy listening to it. At first I thought that I wasn't going to have a part to play because to me it just sounded like there was only drums but I was wrong. One thing that I think I need to improve on in band is keeping in time because sometimes I was playing a little bit off. Another thing that I need to improve is trying to hit the right keys to play the right chord because I kept of hitting other keys and the chord was wrong. But since this is the first time practicing the song we did very well. Since our Drummer Demetrius is in Fiji our second Keyboardist Hevani got to play the drums for us. One thing that I enjoyed in band was watching how caleb can immediately tell what to play in the Drums, Keyboard and Bass.Since we won't be at school until wednesday I will be blogging more about what I am doing in the weekend. Comment down below if I have made any mistakes or what your favorite band is and why.

IALT: Play the song Thunder of Keyboard.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

🎾 Kiwisport 🎾

WALT: Play a singles game of Tennis

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Today after our PE time with Miss Komor we walked over to the Basketball courts for our last Tennis lesson with Peter. I was really sad because I really like the Tennis classes we have and I am always looking forward to our classes on Monday. I was excited because we were going to be playing singles and it was kind of a competition. Since we didn't have enough nets we got into teams with the person behind us and my partner was Carra and we were versing Kaleb and Coralee. In the end we won with a total of 52 against 47 which was pretty close. One thing that I think I need to work on in Tennis is strategically hitting the ball the opposite side of were my opponents standing because it would make them run to hit the ball.  I also think that I need to work on is hitting the ball soft so it won't go out. One tip that I can give for playing tennis is that you don't have to really swing it to volley and all you need to do is gently touch the ball to the strings.  I am really going to miss going to the Tennis classes and I hope that we will see Peter again sometime.

🥄 Pita Bread Sandwich 🥄

WALT: Make Pita bread Sandwiches

Today I have finished creating my reflection about Technology from last week. I really enjoyed going to technology because I learnt how to make something simple. This was also our last lesson for the term but we will see Miss Tuipulotu next term. Here is my work that I have finished and I hope you enjoy reading it.

🏐 PE 🏐

WAL:How to play Volleyball 

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Today in the morning block like always we went out for our Kiwisport and PE time. Every Monday morning home group 1 went to Kiwisport which was Tennis and Home Group 2 went to Pe which was Volleyball. I was excited to play Volleyball because we're usually playing Cricket and since the Volleyball tournament is coming up, practicing will give us an extra step up for the tournament.

When we got started for Volleyball we started of by practicing how to shuffle sideways in case the ball comes into our area and no one can reach it. I didn't find this difficult at all but the only thing that I found quite challenging was going around and around in circles because I got dizzy. Then we started to learn how to hit the ball if it came around your area. We learnt how to Serve, Bump and Set which I found pretty cool because I didn't know that there was proper hits for volleyball. I only found serving quite hard because you need to use enough power to hit it over the net and you need to try and hit the ball so it will go straight. I found that bumping wasn't just putting your hands in a position and hitting that ball you actually need to hit it right otherwise is won't go the way you want it to go. One tip I can give for learning how to set the ball is if you put your hands on your hips and take them off without moving your fingers, your hands will be in the perfect position. Another Tip I can give is when you are trying to set the ball,  you don't hold it while pushing it upwards because it will be counted as a lift. Instead you give it a push upwards like a bounce.

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