Friday, 23 June 2017

Tapa Cloth Design

WALT:Make a Tapa Cloth using photos of things that show our identity

Today in class I have created a google drawing with some photos on it that shows who I am and something that I enjoy.One challenge that I faced while I was trying to make this was trying to think of things that would probably show people what I like. I chose the Tongan and Fijian flags because they represent my culture and it's also something that shows my Identity.I also chose two beaches from those two islands to show that I like swimming at beaches.I picked a photo of people holding letters that make Family because I like hanging out with my family.At the top in the middle I chose a photo of my temple to show that I like to go to church.I put a photo of a dog because I like to play with her when I don't have anything to do.I put a photo of New South Wales because I like that team.I put a photo of Youtube because I like to watch it when I'm bored and underneath it is a Photo of a Fijian man beating the Lali drum because I like to go to the Island and Beat it at Midnight.I also put a photo of a Kava bowl because Fijians and Tongans drink Kava.Lastly I put my school logo on because I like to learn.
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WAL: How to use Ratios 

Today in class I have finished my maths work for Number Ninja's which was all about Ratios.I have so far finished Three parts of the work and I and also looking forward for more work.One thing that I found challenging was trying to give a strategy to support my answer.Here is my work that I have finished and please leave me a comment if I made a mistake or if you have a different answer or strategy.

Activity 3

  1. The ratio of rice to water for cooking should be about 1:2

  1. How many cups of water would you need if you had 2 cups of rice?

Answer: 4 because if you times 1 by 2 you would have 2 and then you would have to times 2 by 2 which equals 4

  1. How much rice is needed for 5 cups of water?

Answer: I think the answer is 10 because you could use the 1 to make 5 and then you times the 2 by 5 which equals 10.

  1. What fraction of the volume of rice and water should be water?
Answer: I think that the answer is ⅔ because for every ⅓ of rice you need 2 cups or ⅔ .

2. The ratio of colourblind people to not colour blind people is 1:24

  1. Maria did a survey at her school and she found out that there were 6 colour blind students.How many students aren’t colour blind?

Answer: I think that the answer is 144 because 24x3=72 and then you have to times it by 2 since you only times the 24 by 3 which equals 144.

3.Peter made a Tui feeder in his garden by mixing sugar and water in the ratio of 2:9

  1. He put in 4 teaspoons of sugar. How much water should he add?
Answer: I think 18 because he doubled they 2 which equaled 4 and then to make it even you have to double the 9 which equals 18
  1. Another day he put in 4 and a ½ cups of water.How much sugar should he add?
Answer: I think that he should add 1 cup of sugar because 4 and a ½ is half of 9 and then you need to half 2 which equals 1 to make it even.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Technology Reflection

WALT: Make Pasta Salad

Today I have made a presentation all about me going to Technology and making Pasta Salad.One thing that I found pretty challenging was trying to remember the method for making this dish.I enjoyed being inside Miss Tuipulotu class so far because I like to learn new things that I can do at home like cooking and new games.Here is the presentation that I have finished and please leave me a comment if you have made this dish before and if I have made a mistake.

Should we sell Sugary drinks to students before school?🏫

WALT:Find our opinion on whether we should sell sugary drinks to students before school 🏫

Today I have recorded a video with my buddy Akanesi all about an article that we read which was all about Two Dairies coming together and stop selling sugary drinks to students before school.After we read this article we filled out a Oreo template on a  google drawing and we gave reasons why we thought that this was a good idea to not sell the drinks in the morning.The Oreo template is something that we use in our school when we are trying to persuade someone or to give our own opinion on a topic.The template is O for opinion, R for Reason, E for example and O for your Opinion.One thing that I found challenging was trying to give some examples that could help support my reason.Here is the Video that we have created together and please comment if I made a mistake or if you agree or disagree with our reasons and examples.


Monday, 19 June 2017

Elder Traill's Home Coming

IALT:Write about what I did on Saturday.

On Saturday I went to my church around 8:00pm because on of the Missionaries from our ward came back from his Mission.I was excited to see this returned Missionary because he was serving in Fiji.I went with my Sisters Best friend Rose and her three Nieces Kalo,Theresa and Meliame.When we got inside we were late but we were just in time for the food.I was happy because I saw most of my Fijian cousins there and I saw my brother and his son Ariki.I went up and joined the line for my food.I decided to eat Chicken Curry with Roti.Roti is something that Fijians make for people to eat with Curry.When they started announcing that the Young Woman's we're going to do their item I was excited because I was watching them rehearse earlier and the song went well with their dance.Before they started they asked Elder traill if he could sit on a special chair in the front.After the item we watched the Primary do their Item.One of the funniest parts was that their was a little boy named Junior was throwing a cup at them while they were dancing.One of my favourite items that I enjoyed watching was all my Aunties,Uncles and Cousins singing and dancing.Junior made his second appearance by dancing with his dad while his dad was doing his dance with the fan.The best part of that item was watching Junior picked up a piece of a cup up and then we waved it around like it was a fan.When all of the items were finished we had a Lollie Lay ceremony which is when we take Lollie Lays up,Congratulate him and then put it over his head.I enjoyed going to Elder Traill's Home Coming because since I want to serve a Mission I wanted to listen to his experience.
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Thursday, 15 June 2017


IALT : Make a Mini Quiche

Today I went to Technology at Tamaki College for my cooking class with Miss Tuipulotu. When we got inside the class room we put our netbooks away, Put on our aprons, Washed our hands, Got our equipment ready and then we waited at our desks for our next instruction.When Miss Tuipulotu told us that we were making a Quiche I was half excited and half confused because first I was happy to cook and I forgot what a Quiche was.

The first thing that we did was mixed our Milk and 2 eggs in a bowl and then we pre heated our oven to 180 .Then you chop some pieces of ham into small cubes.After that you put the Ham into the egg and milk mix while you start cutting circles out of your Pastry dough.You have to separate the egg and  milk mix and ham.Then you spray your tray with cooking spray or butter.After your done cutting out your Pastry dough you place it inside the tray, Put a spoon of ham inside, Sprinkle some cheese inside and then we put the milk in. Then you place it into the oven and then you will know it's ready when the all rise and become a little crispy.

I enjoyed this activity with Miss Tuipulotu because the Quiche tasted amazing because I actually got it right.One challenge that me and Akih faced was trying to figure out if the Quiche was cooked correctly and trying to make the right sized circles.Thanks for reading my Reflection and please leave me a comment if I have made a mistake.

Here is a photo of our Quiches!😀

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maths Games

IALT:Play Multiplication games to help me get faster at answering.

Today at school around 10:30 we stopped finishing our work and then we got into 2 groups of 5 and 6 groups of 4.Then once we were in our groups we got an item of choice from the table with all our Maths equipment on it.My group chose the playing cards because we already had a game in our minds.Before we could play we went out for our Morning Tea break. When we came back inside we got back into our groups and Began to play our games.My group picked two games which was called Multiplication Mania and What's my number.We decided that it would be good to alternate between the two games because then we would practice the skill we had to practice which was Multiplication.One of the main reasons why we did this activity was to show the parents and family that came in what we learn and what the activities help us with.

To play Multiplication Mania you would need playing cards and 3 or more players.First you need to take out the Kings,Queens,Jacks,Jokers and the 13's if you have them or you could keep them in for a challenge.You pick one person to be the dealer and their job is to put two or more cards onto the Table or wherever you're sitting.Then the two other players have to say the answer in order to keep them as points. The game finishes when there is no more cards and the winner is the person with the most cards that you count in twos.I strongly believe that this is a very good game to play because it helps students by making them remember their Times Tables.

To play What's my number you would need playing cards and 2 or more players.You would need to follow the same first step like the game Multiplication Mania.Then you pass or get one card each without looking at the card and you place it on you head for you opponent to see. Then you draw out a card and place it on your table. Then you tell them the answer of the two cards multiplied by each other and the goal is to get the most cards at the end.

I enjoyed this activity because I had fun playing the games with my peers and I also had fun trying to figure out the answers before I was too late.One thing in the game that I found pretty challenging was trying to say the answer before Monita did because she always got them.Here is a photo and please leave me a comment if you didn't understand my work or I had mistakes.