Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

IALT: Throw a Shot Put ball properly

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Today at school Kelly took us down to the field for our lesson with Coach Allen. When we got down there we started of by playing Dodgeball as a warm up game but we played it with different rules. This time instead of being out for the whole game we started off with swapping to the other team. After a few minutes Coach Allen told us that the game was going to become elimination. I enjoyed the game but the only problem was the ball was a bit to soft and when you threw the ball it curved away from your target. 

Then we got into groups of 3 and got another ball and started throwing it like a Shot Put ball to each other. One tip that Coach Allen gave us was to keep the ball in front of our ear, Keep your toes facing the same direction as your hand you're throwing with, Rotating your body to make the ball move from back to front and to release. 

Then we got a smaller Ball filled with sand that was around the same shape as a Shot Put ball. When we all got a ball we stood in a line and all threw at the same time. My ball got quite far but I thing that I still need a little bit more practice. One thing I found quite challenging was trying to not throw the ball like a normal ball and to keep it in front of my ear. I think my next steps are to get more practice and to keep the ball in front of my ear.

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Monday, 30 October 2017


IALT: Learn tips on how to run faster

Today for Kiwisport we had Run, Jump & Throw. We first split into 2 groups and we started playing Capture the flag but with Noodles and Cones. The way we played this game was there was 2 Hula Hoops filled with 5 cones and each Hoop had a Guard that was armed with Noodle to protect the cones.I enjoyed this game because it was really hard to get the cone without getting hit. We also got to learn how to run faster with some tips but I could only remember one which was Cheek to Cheek.It means pump your hand to reach your Cheek and then pump it back down to reach your Butt Cheek.This was a really good tip because it really helps you run faster.The last game we played was a little bit of a relay.We had four different teams and there was on runner that had to sprint down the line.The aim of the game was to sprint down to the end before they pass the ball to the last person of the line.I enjoyed this game because it was really fun and I enjoyed passing the ball down.On thing I thought that my team could work on was catching the ball.
In Conclusion I learned that in order to run fast you have to be able to pump your arms to help you.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017


WALT: Solve word problems

Today in class we were doing our maths and my group the Number Ninja's were solving Word problems. This was our first word problem and the question is how many cans are there altogether. I found this question quite easy because I first recognised that the real question is 8 x 6 which equals 48. This first question was really easy because I found the clue fast and I enjoyed it.Sadly this was the only question that I got through because I had another question but I  couldn't get through it yet so that was the only question today.One thing I found quite challenging was trying to remember my times tables because I kind of forgot them for a second. I enjoy doing Maths because I like solving things because they sometimes give me a challenge.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Tai chi

IALT:Reflect on what I did in Tai Chi

(Mr gordon on the left)
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Today I went down to the hall for our first class for Term 4 with Mr Gordon.I walked down a little bit late and then we started to do our Chi Gung.Then we got into our Sharing circle where we shared our Positive thought, Negative thought and a Random act of kindness if we had one. My positive was I went to the movies 3 times in the holidays and my negative was My sister, Her bestfriend and my cousins went to Hawaii without me.Then we went on to our Power word for the week which was the word Trust. Mr Gordon shared with us a story about how he didn't trust a guy named Jason. Then we played our game which was a few trust exercises. We first had to find a partner and sit down in the sit up position and both feet through your partners feet. Finally we had to hold eachothers hands and try to pull each other up.I found this quite challenging because it was kind of hard to keep my feet on the floor. The second exercise that we did was stand back to back with a different partner and link arms. The challenge was for us to try and sit down and stand up the fastest.I found this really challenging because me arms hurt alot.I think that I had really good time at Tai Chi because the movements we do help me to relax and calm down. I would recommend that all school should try get Mr Gordon into their schools because he could help kids relax and learn a bit of Tai Chi.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

WWE Live in Christchurch

IALT:Write about watching WWE

Today I have finished Writing about when I went to WWE in Christchurch. I really enjoyed going down because my whole family except for me. One thing that I found challenging was trying to take a good photo because the photo's were quite bad because of the lighting.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Ancestors Poem

WALT: Write a Ancestors Poem

On Wednesday I finished my Ancestors Poem and it was all about my Ancestors and Culture. I really enjoyed making this because since I have 2 different cultures I have to different Stories to tell. One challenge that I faced was writing this Poem because I had to go to my Wahine Toa group and I missed a lot of writing sessions.

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Monday, 4 September 2017

💃Hip Hop💃

WALT:Choreograph our own dances in our Groups

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Today we went down to the hall for our Hip Hop lesson with Jasmine.When we got down stairs we sat down and started recapping about what we have learned so far.The Dance moves we learnt was Smurf,Alf,James Brown and Janet Jackson. Then Jasmine let us go into our groups and she let us Start Choreographing our Dances. In my group I had Aumau and Kensington and we were the Second to go up.We got to dance to a song and we were counted in. In Hip Hop you start your 8 count like this " 5 6 7 8, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" then we carry on. When we had to show our Dance I was very nervous but I tried my best. I think one thing that we could work on next time is maybe is trying to remember our Choreography because we had to start over a few more times. In my group we started with the Drop, then the Milly rock, The Rolly Rolly, The Whip and then Kensington Hit the Quan while me and Aumau did a Dance we didn't know the name to. The advice Jasmine gave us was to try and make it longer in the week that we have left. I enjoyed Hip Hop a lot because I enjoy dancing in my own time. Then when we finally went through the whole class we went up stairs and carried on with our Maths work.

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