Tuesday, 11 December 2018

My year reflection - 2018

My Year Reflection - 2018
IALT: Reflect about 2018

Until the end of this term I have been at Tamaki Primary for a total of 8 years. Out of all the years i've had here at Tamaki Primary school this has definitely been my favourite year.

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 If I could describe 2018 in 3 words they would be Adventure, Fun and Memorable. I think that adventure would best describe 2018 because we have all been to different places together. I also thought that fun best fit this year because I really enjoyed spending time with everyone in our class. Lastly I think that Memorable would describe 2018 because we all have made moments together that we'll remember.
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One achievement that i'm most proud of was me getting into the Student Council. I was really proud of myself because I tried last year but I didn't get in. I discovered a lot of new things about myself this year and one of the main things that I discovered was, that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I discovered this about myself when we did Abseiling at camp. 

A new skill that I learnt this year was Leadership. I learnt this skill when I was doing my duties such as Wet day monitors and Breakfast club. This year I really enjoyed spending time with 5 different people and they were Aletheia, Kensington, Akanesi, Perenara & Fe'ao. I enjoyed spending time with these 5 people because they always made me laugh this year and it was fun playing different sports together.
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One person that has made the biggest positive impact on me this year would have to be Aletheia. I chose Aletheia because this year she has always been encouraging me to try new things this year. I'm definitely going to be missing my peers from this school because it's been a great journey with most of them and we've made some of the best memories together at camp and in class.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

πŸ† Athletics Reflection πŸ†

πŸ† Athletics Reflection πŸ†
IALT: Reflect on our school Athletics day.
On Friday 16th of November we held our school Athletics day. The weather was perfect for Athletics day because it was bright and sunny. When we have Athletics we have it on the field and because we have races our caretaker usually cuts out lanes for us to run in. When our school has athletics it's not only about the races we do field events too, such as Shot put, Discus, Long jump, Standing jump and High jump.

One thing that I really enjoyed was the field events because we got to have more tries after we all had 2 turns. My favourite field events would have to be Shot put and Discus. I really enjoyed these events because when ever I kept on trying I got better and better every time. At Athletics I showed the school value of Manaakitanga by helping Cerenity get and Ice pack for her leg when she was injured. 
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Last week on Friday we held our school Athletics day. Luckily we had it on Friday because it was the sunniest day out of the whole week. I was really excited for this year's Athletics because we came up with more chants and Tobruk ( The house i'm in. ) was prepared for battle. For athletics we usually have field events such as Shot put, Discus, High Jump, Standing Jump and Long Jump. We also have races and the go from 50 meters, 75 meters, 100 meters and then 400 meters. 

I found that I really enjoyed the field events more better than the races because I like how the field events challenge me more. I showed the value of Manaakitanga by helping Cerenity when she was injured. I helped her by getting her an ice pack for her leg. One thing that I would've done differently it would be to put on more sublock because I got a bit Sunburnt last week. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

🏁 The Amazing Race 🏁

🏁 The Amazing Race πŸ
IALT: Reflect on the Amazing Race.

On Saturday I went to church for our Panmure Stake Amazing race. I was really excited for this activity because the Panmure Youth ( My ward) has played the amazing race so many times. When I went I was really hoping it was going to be wards versus wards, But instead we got split up into different teams. I was in group #2 and I didn't know anyone else in my team. 

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My favourite stop was at the panmure library because we first had to put some books back in order. After that we had to name the first book in the Book of Mormon which is first Nephi. I found this part pretty funny because our leader got it wrong and he had to do pushups and spell Nephi.

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 One thing that I really enjoyed was getting to know other people from different wards because I got to make friends with them. Another thing that I really enjoyed was winning the race because at the end we got a trophy made out of Chocolate bars. One thing that I really found challenging was trying to think of the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve because I was pretty unsure who they were. One thing that we could have done differently would have been taking more photos to show more evidence.
🏁Question: Have you ever participated in an Amazing Race? πŸ

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


IALT: Add and Subtract Decimals.
Today In the middle block we were working on our Maths worksheet that was about adding and subtracting decimals. I was really excited for Maths today because on Tuesdays, I usually don't get to do Maths because of Kapa Haka. Today I was working on Place value partitioning. 
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My task was to find the answer to the questions by renaming the first number and using place value partitioning. At first I found this challenging but once I read the example I understood what to do. One thing I enjoyed today was practicing adding and subtracting decimals because the more and more times I practice, it becomes more easier for me to understand.One thing that I found really challenging was trying to understand what the question was asking me because I wasn't sure what the question meant. 

I think that one thing that I could work on is making sure I understand the questions before I answer so I could get the answer right. One thing I would do differently next time would be, asking Ms Komor or Ms Aireen if i'm really unsure. But in this case I just had to read the question again and I understood the question. Thank you for reading my Maths reflection and I hope you've enjoyed your day today. πŸ˜

Question: What do you find most challenging in Maths?
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Friday, 9 November 2018


IALT: Adding & Subtracting Decimals.

Today for Maths we carried on with our Worksheet task, that was about adding and subtracting. I really enjoy doing worksheet tasks because they are kind of a challenge for me and they usually are something I could finish off during the week. My favourite task was task 7 of Activity 2  because we had to find the answers to the equations underneath a colour. Once we found answered the question then we had to find the answer on the grid and colour it in using the colour it was under. In the end the picture was a Butterfly. 

One thing that I found challenging was task 3 of Activity 3 because I didn't really understand what the question was asking me to do.The instructions said to fill in the gap but I wasn't sure what to fill it with. For example the question said 5 ones + 4 tenths = 4 ones + _______ tenths. I didn't know what to fill the gap with but I learnt it was 14 tenths because 4 ones + 14 tenths = 5.4 tenths. 

One thing that I would do differently next time would be trying to talk less so I could finish off more questions. One thing that I could do to help me improve would be practicing adding and subtracting  decimals so I could become more familiar with it.

Question: What have you been learning for Maths this Week?
My answer: Decimals.
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Predator Free NZ

Predator Free NZ
IALT: Reflect on what we have learnt about Predator free NZ.

Today we had a visitor come into our class to discuss with us about predator free NZ. Ms Treena came into our class and she was teaching us about argumentation. Argumentation is the process of giving a reason to support your idea. Ms Treena was explaining to us what predators are. A predator is an animal that eats other animals. People are currently arguing about the predators in New Zealand. One of our tasks was to read an evidence sheet showing evidence of the issues.
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One thing that I learnt is that it's very important to have your own opinion because you're showing that you have thought for yourself. One thing that I enjoyed was discussing with my table we I disagreed with nature watcher's statement because we all shared reasons why we all thought the same thing. One thing that I might do differently next time would be to share reasons behind my statement instead of just sharing my statement by it's self.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Manaiakalani Film Festival
IALT: Reflect on the Manaiakalani Film Festival.
Kia ora and greeting to you all. Today the Kia Manawanui Syndicate went to the Hoyts Cinema at Sylvia Park. We went with Room 4 & 5. One of the movies I really enjoyed watching was  The Power of Yet and it was created by St Pius SPX Nu'u Learning Space. I really enjoyed this movie because it was about not giving up when you're faced with a challenge. I think that the message that they were trying to send to us was to have a Growth mindset and never give up. 

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The movie that I was in was called T.E.A.M and it was about what T.E.A.M means. T.E.A.M  means Together everyone achieves more. We used this phrase when we were going to camp in Term 2. I really enjoyed watching our movie because it gave me a reminder of what we did at camp in Term 2. One thing that I didn't enjoy about this movie is the fact the I was in the front when we were doing the actions, and to me that was embarrassing.
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