Monday, 19 June 2017

Elder Traill's Home Coming

IALT:Write about what I did on Saturday.

On Saturday I went to my church around 8:00pm because on of the Missionaries from our ward came back from his Mission.I was excited to see this returned Missionary because he was serving in Fiji.I went with my Sisters Best friend Rose and her three Nieces Kalo,Theresa and Meliame.When we got inside we were late but we were just in time for the food.I was happy because I saw most of my Fijian cousins there and I saw my brother and his son Ariki.I went up and joined the line for my food.I decided to eat Chicken Curry with Roti.Roti is something that Fijians make for people to eat with Curry.When they started announcing that the Young Woman's we're going to do their item I was excited because I was watching them rehearse earlier and the song went well with their dance.Before they started they asked Elder traill if he could sit on a special chair in the front.After the item we watched the Primary do their Item.One of the funniest parts was that their was a little boy named Junior was throwing a cup at them while they were dancing.One of my favourite items that I enjoyed watching was all my Aunties,Uncles and Cousins singing and dancing.Junior made his second appearance by dancing with his dad while his dad was doing his dance with the fan.The best part of that item was watching Junior picked up a piece of a cup up and then we waved it around like it was a fan.When all of the items were finished we had a Lollie Lay ceremony which is when we take Lollie Lays up,Congratulate him and then put it over his head.I enjoyed going to Elder Traill's Home Coming because since I want to serve a Mission I wanted to listen to his experience.
Thanks for reading this far and please leave me a comment if I have made a mistake.

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